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We are committed to keeping up with the technological advances that are coming every day so you get the best service available.

  • The right training
  • The right equipment
  • The right people to get the job done
  • ASE Master tech and L1 certified (L1 is currently the highest level of certification).
  • Jaspar, AC Delco, Motorcraft, Mopar, and many others.
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Many good technicians are hamstrung today when you take your car in for service because they don’t have the tooling to properly diagnose and effect the repair. A lot of times they don’t realize it until they are already in the middle of the job.

I am more committed than anyone I know to be able to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Bill Clark Owner

  • Gotta love technology The 2015 Corvette

    Keep in mind, most of the “new technologies” that are part of your everyday GM vehicle, first showed up on Corvettes and high end Cadilacs. I don’t know why most of us would need a “performance data recorder” but some aspects of it could be useful. Think “black box” for Read more →

  • Water pump with that?
    Water pump with that?

    You know how when you run through that fast food window and you are asked if you would like fries with that, well we at Clark’s will ask you if you would like a water pump with that timing belt. This customer had no idea he even had a problem Read more →

  • Road Noise?
    Road Noise?

    Check your tire pressure and don’t forget your wheel alignment. Read more →

  • Timing Belt Service
    Timing Belt Service

    The synthetic rubber timing belt, which is reinforced with fiber cords, is a major part of car maintenance — meaning it keeps everything in the engine in sync. When the engine is on, it’s in constant, timed motion, thanks to the belt, the connection between the crankshaft and camshaft. So Read more →

Our owner, Bill Clark, spends 6-10 Hrs a week studying to stay abreast of the changes incumbent on the automotive industry.

These changes are not just evident in the vehicle you drive but the equipment required to properly diagnose and repair it. I get calls on a regular basis where this has happened and the car has to be towed to me to finish the repair, not because the tech was not able to repair it but didn’t have the equipment. This equipment is readily available but it’s not cheap and there is little training for it. So it is up to me to know what is needed, what is available, and what I have before scheduling your vehicle for service.